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The Harmful Effects of E-Waste

What is E-Waste?
E-waste, or electronic waste, is any electronic product that has reached the end of its “life”. The most notorious appliances that eventually become e-waste are computers, televisions, stereos, copiers, and...

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Used vs. Refurbished IT Equipment
When shopping for used laptops, desktops, or other IT equipment, it can be confusing looking at options between buying refurbished and buying used. Though the words “refurbished” and “used” seem synonymous, the differences ...
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Are You Reaping the Benefits of Refurbished IT Equipment?
There are computer technology needs when running a business or educational facility and finding the right equipment to meet those needs, as well as finding what fits within your budget, can be a challenge....
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Reliable Off-Lease Computers that Save You Money
Off-lease computers are going to help save 50% to 70% on spending for your IT needs. Off-lease computers can be just as reliable as brand new computers, if you find the right one from the right company. Refurbished computers and laptops are built to ...
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The Benefits of Purchasing Off-Lease IT Equipment
When searching for IT equipment, it is automatically assumed that the cost will be high and sometimes out of reach for the right desktops, laptops, printers, etc. In most instances, you end up paying for hardware you don’t even need! A great alternat...
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Reduce the Cost of Your Desktop Business Computers
Enterprise class companies have IT needs that can be extraordinarily high if shopping in the wrong place. Every piece of equipment is important to each person and everyone wants the best quality in what is offered. You could be spending double the am...
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Buy Refurbished Laptops
Everybody has an opinion; if you look on the internet you can find opinions from many people who have had both good and bad experiences with all kinds of computers. We would look at the facts so that those who want to buy refurbished laptops would kn...
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Affordable Refurbished Laptops
A lot more people are now looking towards purchasing refurbished laptops. This is mainly because they are cheaper than the regular new laptops. Cheap refurbished laptops sound great but if you get one without having some information, you may come out...
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Refurbished Desktop Computers
You would not believe the deal you can get on refurbished desktop computers these days! Although many people still have this misconception that these products are all used, outdated or one-of-a-kind models, this couldn't be further from the truth! re...
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Off Lease Laptops
Many people may not exactly know what an off-lease laptop is. An off-lease laptop, or anything for that matter, is a laptop or equipment that was leased to a company or another user rather than sold. The lease period could be anywhere from 1 to 5 yea...
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Refurbished Laptops
Buying a refurbished laptop can be a little scary and confusing. However, it's not like purchasing a used computer where there is no guarantee and you don't know what you're getting, refurbished models offer new quality, at a fraction of the price. ...
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Refurbished Laptops for Sale
If you are shopping for refurbished laptops for sale, you probably already know that the options and decisions can be overwhelming, especially if you're not a computer guru. While you may have assumed that the buying process would be easier than sho...
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Refurbished Computers
Many people hear the words refurbished computers and they automatically think of getting ripped off. They may think of a computer tha t will do nothing but fail them. They may think that the computer will cost them lots and lots of money in repairs. ...
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Used Servers
Purchasing a used server can be a big decision. This is especially true if you have to make this decision all by yourself. When all the responsibility falls on you like that it can be a very scary thing. Choosing to buy a s...
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Refurbished Servers
Running a business can be very expensive and yet there are many expenses you cannot forego. Your computer equipment is one such expense that everyone needs to consider and cannot ...
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Used Computers with ISE
Electronic equipment can be expensive today, which means that many are interested in finding used computers that provide what they need at a price they can afford. This is true both for businesses and for those who need them for home use....
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Used IT Equipment
Every large company will need computer equipment of one sort or another; this may include servers as well as equipment to fix the servers and individual pieces for each worker. This can be very expensive especially if you need to make replacements an...
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Used Cisco Equipment
When the time comes to replace some older equipment or even to just expand on what you currently have, you are more than likely well aware of just how expensive it can be to invest in products from companies like Cisco. You may have to spend a few th...
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Used Network Equipment
When it comes to finding a more reliable computer or some proper networking equipment, you are more than likely well aware of just how frustrating it can be when it comes down to hunting for a good deal. Places like eBay are filled with bidders who a...
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