These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our customers. If you have a story to tell share yours.

We are lucky to have Mr. Joshua Stranathan as our 2NDGEAR account representative. Mr. Stranathan is detail-oriented and excellence-driven. He goes the extra mile to solve every single problem we have and works proactively to prevent problems from recurring. He is always ready to provide us the best deals and stands by them—and he solves any issues that come up along the way. He has gained our respect and admiration for his devotion to his work and performance.

It goes without saying that we always think of him first whenever there is a need or an opportunity to engage in any business. He is part of our family.

Thank you for all your team does to satisfy our every wish.

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the entire staff at 2NDGEAR.
Great product selection, an excellent Account Executive and fast, responsive Customer Service.
It is truly a joy to work with a top notch company that really values their customers.

You have always been very good and very quick with quotes, ordering and delivery. Any issue I have had typically gets handled quickly, so I have no complaints. Y’all sell quality off-lease equipment and when you’re as pinched for cash as we all are, sometimes off-lease is your best option!

I felt like you might not realize how much what your company does means to us here at Lincoln School. We are a one to one program we help students get back on track, help them find their way. If it was not for your company we would not be able to do what we do. The equipment and warranties that your company offer allow us to do what we do! Thanks again for all that you do. It allows me the opportunity to do what I do best and our school to do what it does best!

We have used off-lease computers from 2NDGEAR for several years in our computer labs. They provide quality computers, superior customer relations, and have an excellent support department. Thanks 2NDGEAR for the quality service you provide.

Dawn Luxon and her team at 2NDGEAR have been a valuable resource for our schools technology purchases and planning. Not only do I get information on what I am looking for in our school, Dawn takes that extra step in going above and beyond to make sure what I get is exactly what I need for my environment. From laptops, desktops, servers and wireless “just to name a few” 2NDGEAR has always been there to help me make the choices I need for a successful implementation. Their support is like no other with fast responses and quick replacement turnaround, 2NDGEAR is a company that is true to their word. I can honestly say after 7 years of working with 2NDGEAR and Dawn Luxon, I have not encountered one company that can compare.

Many years ago a vendor who was selling equipment to my customers said to me, “I really appreciate you recommending us to your customers.” My response was, “I recommend you because you take good care of my customers. When you stop doing that, I’ll find someone else who will.” Over the years the company went through a lot of changes and they are now in my past.

It was shortly after that when I first heard of 2NDGEAR and met Dawn Luxon. It was a fortuitous meeting for me and my customers as I can count on Dawn to always put the needs of the customer first. From providing refurbished equipment and even new equipment at very competitive prices with great warranties, if Dawn sells it, she’ll take care of you. It is really nice to have a company I can recommend and know that my customers thank me for my recommendation.

I have used many vendors for purchasing computers, but have found 2NDGEAR to have the best ROI on their hardware and service over other vendors due to the excellent price of off lease machines, great warranties and support, and having the machines imaged and ready to deploy straight out of the box. Dawn is a great representative and is always helpful with getting quotes and RMA’s. I have found that it is much easier calling in RMA’s to Dawn than the competitors support over seas. Thanks 2NDGEAR!

South Vermillion Community School Corporation has been purchasing refurbished Dell Computers from 2NDGEAR for 3 years and has been very pleased with the quality of computers that we have received. With budget constraints, we have decided to purchase refurbished computers, and feel confident that 2NDGEAR is the company to provide those computers.

Whenever we have experienced equipment failure, Dawn and her technical support staff have provided replacement parts, as part of the 3 year warranty, with quick turnaround, and no shipping costs.

I would recommend 2NDGEAR to other school districts that are open to implementing refurbished equipment as a solution to financial constraints.

I have been very pleased with all of the equipment we have purchased through you and your company. Your response time has always been very fast and the products have all been of good quality. These are all very important to schools especially when funding is limited.

I have been doing business with Dawn at 2NDGEAR for about 2 years now and I have been really pleased. It isn’t everyday that you work with a vendor that delivers what they say they can, at the price they REALLY agreed too, and even shipping was fast and at a reasonable price. I would recommend 2NDGEAR to anyone needing good/used computer hardware.

I’ve known John Sansevero for several years and find him to be a respectable account executive who runs his business with integrity and skill. When John started with 2NDGEAR I opened business with him and ever since I have gone through them for all of my IT equipment

From setting up Prudential California Realty’s infrastructure, 2NDGEAR has always been dependable , straightforward and honest. IT equipment can be quite expensive, but 2NDGEAR has always been forthright with costs, and they offer many different payment options. I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking IT equipment.

 2NDGEAR has allowed Lafayette Christian School to provide students and teachers with high-quality technology at a fraction of the cost. They have also provided a great warranty, excellent support, and quick resolution on the rare occasion that something fails. Personally, their product has freed me to help more teachers teach with technology rather than spending time troubleshooting the technology.

In these tough fiscal times, 2NDGEAR has helped us stretch our budget dollars further to place additional technology into our classrooms. During the summer of 2007 we installed 71 off lease Dell computers from 2NDGEAR in one of our elementary schools. The savings from using refurbished vs. new computers in conjunction with the remainder of the budget allowed us to install ceiling-mounted projectors in every classroom. The computers have performed well and included a four-year warranty. When we have needed service, the responsive team at 2NDGEAR has quickly sent the parts we need. It has been a pleasure working with a company that helps us make the most of every dollar while continuing to meet the educational technology needs of our students and staff.

In these times of very tight budgets our school was truly blessed to be able to depend on Dawn & 2NDGEAR to get us great quality equipment in a timely and cost effective manner. But even more important is their commitment to long term warranties and standing behind what they sell. There may be newer and flashier product available but for reliability and dependability I have never worked with anyone better than 2NDGEAR and will continue to do so in the future. Great job Dawn!

Many times a school is looking for ways to pay as little as possible to “stretch” their dollar, yet the school wants a product that performs and lasts much longer than most other businesses would consider reasonable. Sounds a little bit impossible to do both? That is what we thought, when in 2001, we began dealing with Dawn Luxon and 2NDGEAR. We still have some of those original off-lease computers working today (in 2008). We have purchased many hundreds of units over the years. We have seldom been disappointed with any of the units and with the included three year warranties, even if a unit does act up, the tech support is excellent and the parts needed are shipped in a matter of days. To say we have been satisfied with our relationship with Dawn and with 2NDGEAR would be an understatement. They have saved us many thousands of dollars over the years and provided us with top quality technology equipment.

As a retiring educational Technology Director, I have worked with a lot of technology vendors over the years. None has been more accommodating than 2NDGEAR in giving us the “biggest value” for our buck.

We have been doing business with 2NDGEAR for about four years now. When we have a need for cost saving equipment, we turn to Dawn at 2NDGEAR. Dawn sells us almost new computers with 3 year full warranties with a substantial savings over the cost of new. Dawn also gets us used Cisco equipment at a savings. I must add that it is about any type of Cisco Equipment. The Cisco equipment can be immediately be placed under a smartnet maintenance agreement from Cisco. I can email or call Dawn when I have a need for equipment and I will have a quote in my email shortly there after.

I would recommend that you give them a try and you will see what I mean.

If you are looking for good computer equipment for a reasonable price I would highly recommend looking at the products from 2NDGEAR. This past year we were looking to purchase new computers, we approached several of the discount stores to see what was available. It was our computer teacher who stated she wanted computers with XP Pro installed as the operating system.

The computers, IBM Desktops, had the memory we were looking for and XP Pro for about $200.00 per unit. Being a small school on a very tight budget, we ordered 8 of the units, which replaced all of the PIII’s we were using in our lab.

While the units are refurbished and not new, when they arrived our computer teacher took them out of the boxes and within minutes had them working on our network.

We want to thank you for the tremendous assistance in acquiring off-lease machines and helping us accomplish our goals in our new Technology Plan. In 2007, we wrote a new technology plan that specifically called for the replacement of 80% of our PCs with newer machines, approx. 1,000 computers over three years. Most of these old PCs were eight to ten years old and were still using Windows 98 operating system.

With the savings involved in buying these refurbished machines we were still able to buy the machines we needed to stay on schedule. We also appreciate your fine service in replacing bad machines and the replacement of parts to others. The three year maintenance/warranty plans we purchased are great on used machines.

I would definitely suggest to anyone needing replacement PCs and short of money to give 2NDGEAR a call.

Dependable, up-to-date equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Outstanding service and support. Prompt, reliable, no-hassle warranty service. Prices that help stretch your budget. You get all of that and more from 2NDGEAR, a great source of computer equipment.

We always get great prices and excellent service from 2NDGEAR. If anything ever goes wrong, they always take care of it right away. We especially love their excellent advance cross ship warranty — it makes replacing broken parts and computers painless.

In October of 2007, we purchased a mobile laptop cart package from 2NDGEAR. We received all of the items in a timely manner and everything was there and in working order.

The price was about a quarter of what we would have paid for new. Any additional contact that was needed was handled by our rep Dawn promptly and in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend 2NDGEAR and Dawn for your purchasing needs.

Five years ago, we purchased our first 105 refurbished machines from 2NDGEAR. The machines were Compaq D5s/1.7/20/512 and we are still using the machines (we’ve added memory). Dawn’s service has been awesome. Since that first purchase, we have purchased other labs and several printers, all refurbished machines. Purchasing refurbished equipment has been the only way we could provide our students with the technology they need to succeed in today’s world. Thanks to 2NDGEAR for providing this service to education.

In order to acquire enough lab computers to implement our building technology plans and deliver instruction, the only way we could afford it was using the refurbished and guaranteed products from 2NDGEAR. We’ve done this for a number of years, and even if things didn’t go perfectly, their customer service system always dealt with it in a professional manner and in the fastest possible way. If I needed fifty computers that were absolutely identical, that’s what I got. If I needed something overnight, there it was the next day. From the initial order to followup phone calls, I’ve been very pleased with the products and service, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Just wanted to pass along a thanks for the DVD replacement drives to you and Customer Service. I received two drives from 2NDGEAR, a DVD ROM and DVD read writable. Your company has always gone over and beyond what is expected and it is greatly appreciated.

At NewStar Fresh Foods & Organic Girl, we strive to deliver the best products for our customer and seek partners that do the same.

Whether sourcing from a farm or for an IT server farm, we have the same quality and sustainability model. 2NDGEAR is a top supplier of IT infrastructure as they consistently deliver what we need and how we need it, with service flexibility others cannot provide.

We believe 2NDGEAR fits well as a partner in our mission of environmental sustainability, as their equipment is refurbished and of high quality.

We recently discovered 2NDGEAR and have determined them to be a valued vendor. We have always looked for the best deal but have avoided buying refurbished equipment due warranty issues. With 2NDGEAR 3 year, no questions asked, warranty, we have confidence that our acquisitions from them will be in service for years to come. Michael, our representative, has always done an outstanding job for us. We highly recommend them to our friends and business associates.

We recently purchased 36 Chromebook carts as part of a large adoption of Chromebooks. The orders came in on different purchase orders and Dawn was able to put them together and get the manufacturer to provide their own truck for shipping. This order coordination between the district and manufacturer resulted in a significant reduction in shipping costs. They also came to us specially packed and arrived without a single ding. Thanks 2NDGEAR for the extra attention given to our order.

Over the last year I have been so blessed to become acquainted with such a great company. I have become a big fan of 2NDGEAR and their refurbished equipment with an unprecedented 3 year warranty that makes purchasing from them a “no brainer”.

My sales rep Michael Amodeo goes far beyond our expectations to meet our sometimes almost unobtainable requests. I cannot say enough good things about them. I will recommended them to everyone one I know. With all these good things how could you go wrong purchasing computers from 2NDGEAR?!

I have been using 2NDGEAR for over 5 years. When I made my first purchase I was concerned about buying “used” equipment. How would the warranty work? Would 2NDGEAR stand behind their product? Would my students feel cheated that they were getting “used” equipment?

I’m happy to report that all of my purchases from 2NDGEAR have been smooth and pleasant transactions. In my 5 years using 2NDGEAR I have not had a single problem getting them to stand behind their product. I actually prefer using their technical support compared to the “other guys”, who wants to spend 20 minutes waiting on hold only to reach a person who is going to walk you through a 30 minute scripted trouble-shooting process? 2NDGEAR respects my time, any warranty issue I have had was handled in 10 minutes or less no hassles!

My students and staff see equipment being replaced regularly now and they’re happy about that. With the savings that I get by purchasing through 2NDGEAR I’m able to afford better servers, printers and I recently rolled out industrial strength Ruckus Wireless throughout my campus…all thanks to 2NDGEAR.

My 2NDGEAR rep, Dawn Luxon, has proven to be invaluable! Whenever I need information she is my go-to gal. 2NDGEAR has given her a team of network engineers as well as industry contacts that I simply don’t have at my disposal. If by chance I ask her a question that she can’t answer immediately, I know that she’ll be able to reach out to someone who can and she’ll get back to me without all the marketing hype or trying to sell me something I don’t need.

I’ve made a lot of decisions in the last 5 years, but deciding to use 2NDGEAR for all my desktop, server and wireless needs was one of the best decisions I could have made!

A person really learns the value of a business partner when they find themselves in a difficult situation and need help right away. When our main file server went down and we needed a replacement right away, you folks were there for us. I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated. Our school file server is back up and running much more quickly thanks to your efforts.

I have been using 2NDGEAR for a while now and have purchased many desktop computers as
well as notebooks and even a few network printers. All of their products have been in excellent working order and 2NDGEAR has always stood behind their warranty and that means a lot on my tight budget.

When dealing with my 2NDGEAR sales representative I feel that I am talking with someone who has the knowledge to put together a solution that is every bit as good as a solution put together by one of the “big boys” in the industry and my 2NDGEAR representative is able to deliver that solution for a fraction of the price.

When you buy with 2NDGEAR you can buy with confidence!!!

2NDGEAR has proven very helpful. Many times a school is looking for ways to pay as little as possible to “stretch” their dollar, yet the school wants a product that performs and lasts much longer than other businesses would consider reasonable. 2NDGEAR has given us this solution with certified off lease technology. Providing our schools a quality product and a warranty that stands alone, their flexibility has enabled us to work on replacing one grade level at a time and work at our pace. I recommend 2NDGEAR to other school districts trying to keep up with the constant technology budget constraints.

We purchased over 100 off lease computers from 2NDGEAR to replace our current technology. The equipment arrived on time in great condition, the few problems we did have were resolved hassle free with speedy RMA’s. Somewhat hesitant to purchase off lease computers because of inconsistent product in the past I have found that 2NDGEAR has been a great solution to my technology needs. Everyone from sales to support has been very friendly and helpful. Our staff and especially students love the new computers.

We purchased over 160 computers through 2NDGEAR this year to replace our aging elementary school computer labs and to add a new mobile laptop cart to our senior high school. The equipment arrived in great condition, and the few problems we did have were resolved hassle-free with speedy RMAs.

We have purchased refurbished computers from Insight Investment for 5 years now and the best part of working with them is the peace of mind that I have knowing that if I have a problem it will be taken care of, and quickly. Secondly, the price is unbeatable. For cost of a new machine, we can purchase 3 machines that will run the same applications and they come with a three year warranty.