When you’re purchasing pre-owned IT equipment, you need more than a good price. You need peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you can standardize on a single platform, because the equipment you require is available. The peace of mind that comes from quality equipment that’s ready to use when it arrives—and that’s proven by comprehensive audits and testing. The peace of mind that comes from receiving an excellent warranty. 2NDGEAR provides this and much more.

Home to over 130,000 systems in 2013, the Technology Center is 2NDGEAR’s main operating hub. Take an inside look at our 46,000 square feet facility and learn more about our refurbishing and remarketing processes by following one of our sales representatives: Michael Corlee.

Purchase certified, meticulously tested equipment.

Before every machine ships, it must complete a series of diagnostic tests, in which any non-compliant components are replaced. Then and only then does it receive 2NDGEAR certification. And that means you get machines that work from the moment you open the box.

Choose from the largest inventory of brand technology.

Our vast inventory gives you access to standardized technology solutions and hard-to-find-equipment. So you can choose technology that will be compatible with your existing and future IT environment.

Get the personal customer service you deserve.

At 2NDGEAR, you get an assigned account manager to guide you through your transaction. And with technicians trained and certified in industry standard education programs, you always get efficient, knowledgeable customer service.

When you choose 2NDGEAR you always get:

  • Affordable computers at prices as low as 75% off the original retail price
  • Tier 1 brand equipment from our sister company specialized in IT leasing–Insight Financial Services– and other quality sources
  • Equipment that’s been through rigorous diagnostic testing in our 10-step testing lab
  • An industry-leading warranty, with up to 3 years of advance replacement coverage on most of our products!
  • Ghost Casting abilities to maintain an image of your exact systems that can be replicated on all products you purchase
  • Secure shipping in separate, individually packed boxes
  • Individual customer attention
  • The peace of mind that comes from working with the company that’s owned, operated, and backed by Insight Investments Corporation—a top tier leasing company with the resources to back our commitments.

Our focus customers include, but are not limited to the education market, k-12, colleges, universities and small, medium, and large business across the U.S. 2NDGEAR is proud to represent the following manufacturers: Dell, HP, NetApp, IBM, EMC, Ruckus, Juniper and more. All of our equipment has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and restored to the original equipment manufacturer specifications.

2NDGEAR provides high-end technology at affordable prices to our customers while helping the environment and eliminating e-waste.