Why Choose 2NDGEAR ?

2NDGEAR offers affordable, off-lease, brand name technology for business, which has been tested, certified and configured to meet the exacting standards of your technical operations.

2NDGEAR is the leading supplier of Certified IT equipment including servers, networking equipment, laptops, desktops, computer monitors, data storage, printers and accessories.

Top 10 Reasons to do Business with 2NDGEAR

  1. Great Selection of IT Equipment
    2NDGEAR offers a wide range of IT equipment configured to your specific requirements.
  2. Demo before you Buy!
    2NDGEAR’s Demo Program provides you the opportunity to demo our Laptop and Desktop computer equipment for 30 days at your location before you purchase it. We pay for shipping on the product both ways!
  3. Best Warranty in the Business!
    Hassle free advance replacement warranty. 2NDGEAR provides you with a 3 year warranty on all Laptop, Desktops, Servers and LCD Monitors. We will ship your replacement product before we receive the product you are returning to us.
  4. World Class Customer Support
    We have trained and friendly professionals here to help answer your questions regarding products, setup, warranty and answer all of your technical questions.
  5. Industry and Customer Focus
    We have a 93% retention rate due to our customer service, technology expertise and a passion for taking care of our customers. We have helped many industries obtain affordable enterprise class technology, including medical and education, as well as small, medium, and large businesses such as, call centers, mortgage and real estate companies looking for cost-effective technology.
  6. IT Equipment Trade-ins and Trade-outs
    Upgrade your existing IT equipment through a simple trade-in / trade-out. Need to receive your computers preloaded with image? We can do that for you. Receive your computers ready to go!
  7. Doing Business in all 50 States
    2NDGEAR has a knowledgeable and friendly staff across the United States that will quickly and easily help you find affordable IT equipment that meets the needs of your organization.
  8. Dell, HP & Microsoft Reseller
    By working and partnering with Dell, HP and Microsoft the 2NDGEAR team will provide you with excellence in service and products. 2NDGEAR certified technicians are trained to repair, refurbish and resell IT equipment.
  9. Special Financing
    We can help you lease or finance IT equipment. Through our Insight Financial Services division we may be able help you lease or finance the equipment you need to get your business equipped with affordable technology.
  10. 2NDGEAR is a Green Company
    E-waste is a name for electronic products that are approaching the end of their useful life. Instead of disposing e-waste that could potentially hurt our environment, we recover, reuse, and recycle e-waste. Our 46,000 sq. ft. technology center was built around four key initiatives: reducing power consumption, reducing water consumption, improving air quality, and recycling materials.