ISE is an eRate provider

Insight Systems Exchange is a registered eRate provider

ISE, LLC (dba Insight Systems Exchange) is a registered Service Provider under a Federal Communications Commission program administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”).  See the USAC website,  498ID# 143044100 (formerly SPIN).

What is E-Rate?

  • The E-Rate Program supports connectivity – the conduit for communications using telecommunications services and/or the internet.
  • E-Rate provides discounts to assist most schools in the US to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet Access.

What is USAC?

  • USAC is an independent not-for-profit corporation, designated by the FCC, as the administrator of universal services.  USAC’s goal is to protect the integrity of the universal services through informing and educating program audiences, collecting and distributing contributions and promoting program compliance.
  • USAC offers 4 programs. The Schools and Libraries Support Program is one and is most commonly referred to as E-Rate Program.