To overcome Rwanda's challenging topography, the Rwandan government and US startup Zipline are preparing to launch a drone delivery service that will start dropping much-needed blood bags to 20 remote hospitals in the coming months.

U.S. startup to provide blood-delivering drones to service 20 Rwandan hospitals this summer

More often than not, the term “drones” is associated with war and surveillance. However those unmanned aerial aircraft can also be used for humanitarian purposes like, in this case, the delivery of medical supplies in regions whose topography is very challenging.

Starting in July, thanks to a partnership between the Rwandan government and Zipline, a startup based in San Francisco, more than 11 million inhabitants will be able to order and have access to blood and vaccines in just 30 minutes via text messages.

The service, paid by the Rwandan government, will serve as a testing ground for drone delivery.

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