PEPPM 2018 Catalog Award

Refurbished Computer Systems and Parts

Welcome to the 2NDGEAR Catalog entirely dedicated to PEPPM members. You will find in the left sidebar a list of re-certified, off-lease and brand name computers for the classroom. Our desktops and laptops are configured to meet PEPPM’s specific requirements including a 13% discount on all Dell, HP and Lenovo computers and monitors.

About the Hardware

  •  Prior to being remarketed, used machines go through a thorough audit of all components
  • A+ Certified technicians perform cleaning and performance testing
  • Machines are audited and refurbished to original manufacturer specifications

2NDGEAR provides a 3-Year advance replacement warranty at no cost to you for replacing parts and equipment covered under our warranty terms. In the event of a product defect, we will ship your replacement product before your return arrives at our Tech Center and within 48hrs of your request.

How to submit a quote?

To submit a quote to PEPPM, click the Add To Quote button located on the product page of your choosing. The selected product(s) will be automatically added in the Quote list located in the left sidebar menu under “Submit a Quote“. Once you are done with your quote request, please print this quote using the Print button located on that same page, attach your purchase order and email it at [email protected] or fax both to PEPPM at 800-636-3779.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact:
Andrew Golembiesky
National Sales Director
(410) 870-1261
[email protected]

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